All Program Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest release in operating system for desktop and laptop devices by Microsoft, Some of the previous versions of Windows were Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP. There are a big percentage of users who rely on windows as their computers operating system. There are a lot of big changes Microsoft has made in this latest version which differs from previous version of Windows in order to enhance user experience and make windows 10 a better to use operating system.

One of the common problem users face is to find and open “All Programs” option in windows 10.

Use the tutorial below to find and open “All Programs” in Windows 10.

Where is all programs in windows 10?

All programs in windows operating system are the list of applications which are pre-installed as default within the windows and the application which have been added by a user is also listed in the list. Here we will be discussing about the process that how you can access the programs and can easily manage them, view all in a list, view each app in explorer.

Option 1:  Open it using windows button and get a list

all program windows 10


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Here when will you click on the windows button, you will see the list of all programs installed in the system. By clicking over the windows button you can get access to each of the installed program in the system and by scrolling down you can expand the list and applications with number of sub-folders can be easily accessible and you can easily redirect to the application or the program. All the files in the named folder can be directly accessed.

Option 2: Using run command to open all application in windows explorer


Here by using Windows + R , you can easily access the run window and there you have to enter the command.

In Run window: shell:Appsfolder.

Here you will be redirected to the applications folder in which all the applications can be easily accessed and viewed, the another way where you can view all the applications and easily manage them according to your access and create shortcut on the desktop by right click on the application and send it to desktop as shortcut.

Option 3: Using Ctrl + esc.

This is the shortcut to open windows icon , which will  eventually gives you a list view of all the applications and programs.

all program windows 10

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